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A1 Will County Self Storage

Safe & Secure Self Storage value: individual units plus RV & car or boat storage 

SELECTING the RIGHT unit for you

  At A1 Will County Storage, we have the right unit for you. Our large unit selection gives you the flexibility you need.  From 5x5's to 10x30, or even 20x20 we accomodate any need - small or large.  Our expert staff can help you choose the right unit size and type. First we'll give you a little explanation of the types of units available.  Then we'll help you select the right size. With so many sizes and types, you can be sure that you're getting the best value around!


"CLIMATE CONTROL" - these units are heated or air-conditioned, year round.  The temperatures can range from 50-80 degrees (depending on time of year.)  The key reason to store in this unit is moisture/humidity control.  These units are especially recommended for: commercial document/record storage, antiques, pharmaceuticals, hardwood furniture, expensive rugs or fine wines. (Not available for vehicle storage)

"HEATED STORAGE" - just as the name implies.  Temperature is kept above 45 degrees year round.  A step above regular units for a small premium.  This is the way to go if you plan on visiting your unit year round.  Stores your nicer belongings.  Great for fine leathers. Prevents  condensation/corrosion on metals (tools, tool boxes, lawn equipment.) (Not available for vehicle storage)

"REGULAR STORAGE" - anything you would store in your garage at home.  This is the simple no frills, economical, traditional storage option.  Dollar for dollar, you can't go wrong here.  Clothes, most household furniture, glass, electronics, mattresses.... the list goes on.  Just clean it, wrap/pack it, put it away.  These units are recommended for most applications.


Selecting the right size unit for your needs is the next order of business. Most tenants store household goods, so we'll use rooms of furniture as an example. In the photo on the left here, we see some personal belongings; a favorite chair, golf clubs, boxes, all very typical. These items are classified as less than one room's worth of furniture. They would easily fit into a 5'x5' or 5'x10'. When determining how much space you'll require for a partial move, or whole home, just count the rooms and check our chart below.


Here are some sample unit sizes

Rental Guide and Sizes and Prices


All of our individual self storage units come with a 2 year fixed price guarantee! (Even on a month to month rental)

Don't fall for our corporate competitors "introductory pricing" bait and switch! Most competitors raise rates on tenants 2-3 times a year.


We also offer the *BEST* prepay deal in the industry. Simply pay for 6 months upfront (lump-sum) and receive your 7th month FREE.

This offer will save you almost 20% (2 FREE! months a year) and can be used twice a year for the duration of your long term storage stay. Please call for details

 (Please also check our 'specials' page for coupons or special offers)


All prices quoted below are for 'outside' drive up, (ground level) units; except for 'climate controlled' which are all inside access. 

'Small' Individual Storage Units


5'x5': our smallest size, typically good for a few personal items or a dozen boxes and totes

Price: Non Climate: $50 per month, Climate Controlled: $65


5'x10': our most popular small size.  Typically good for about 1 full rooms worth of furnishings.

Price: Non Climate: $99 per month; Climate Controlled: $125


'Medium' Individual Units


10'x10': Stores 2-3 rooms of furnishings. (Similar in size to a small bedroom in your home)

Price: Non Climate: $155 per month; Climate Controlled: $189


10'x15': Stores up to 4 rooms of furnishings, or about a 2 bedroom apartment.

Price: Non Climate: $199 per month; Climate Controlled: $219


'Large' Individual Units


10'x20': Our most popular size. This is a standard 'one car garage'. Typically accommodates 4-5 full rooms of furnishings, (or a car!)

Use this size to store the contents of a 3 bedroom apartment or a small home.

Price: Non Climate: $229 per month; Climate Controlled: $249

Special rate for Cars/ $205 per month. (We have limited availability of units specifically for cars)


10'x30': Accommodates 6-7 rooms of furnishings. This size is appropriate for a midsize 3-4 bedroom home.

Price: Non Climate: $319* per month.


20'x20': A standard 2 car garage, typically good for 8-10 rooms of furniture. Perfect choice for a 4 bedroom home plus basement.

Price: Non Climate: $449 per month.

Self Storage unit Rental: Please note: We currently have very limited availability and few sizes available- Some rates may be different than posted above. Call office for specifics or exact rate. You may also click below.

Click here for live rates and real time availability! You may also make a no obligation reservation!


 Vehicle Storage and Parking:

Indoor cars, boats, campers, trailers or RV's

(RV storage size and price table may not render properly on your mobile phone. Please use a desktop or call office for pricing)


Indoor Warehouse Secure Storage: Cars, boats and RV's, (indoor is In our state licensed, bonded warehouse)






NA-- $625 ($104 avg cost)



$625 ($104 avg cost)

BOATS, TRAILERS 19-25' (less than 8' tall)
BOATS..&..TRAILERS......19-22' (greater than 8' tall)



$750 ($125)

$1125 ($187)

BOATS, TRAILERS 23'-29.9 (greater than 8' tall)



$1250  ($208.33 apm)

$1,375 ($229 avg)




Warehouse rates subject to additional discount for longtime/returning tenants! 



Outdoor Boat and RV storage:

We have the BEST rates on secure outside vehicle storage for your car, boat or RV

Our most secure lot, fenced and gated, locked up all day:

(Access available ONLY during posted office hours)

NO ONE beats our rates on **secure** outside vehicle storage!


OUTDOOR 24/7 Secure Lot:

(Access available **ONLY** during office hours)



6 MONTH Prepaid
(7th month free!)

UP TO 20'


$540 ($77.14 avg)



$600 ($85.71 monthly avg after discount)



$660.00 ($94.28 monthly avg after discount)



"Come and Go" Premium Outdoor parking Lot:

 Trucks, Boats & RV's featuring24/7 security camera coverage, access from 5am-11pm - 7 days a week, and over 100' of clear turnaround. You get a numbered, stripped space with guaranteed easy access. Need to leave your car while leaving here with your coach? No problem! Everyone LOVES this parking lot, and if you come to visit us, you'll see why.

This parking lot is the nicest you'll find for your RV, boat or oversize vehicle.

Please call the office for full details or questions!

(There is typically a wait list for space in this area)

10x45' Space: *ON Blacktop* /  $165 monthly or $990 prepaid for 7 months
(Prepay 6 months get 1 FREE!! averages cost to only $140 per month)

Now also offering 15'x50'  RV spaces $165 monthly/  24/7 access (only available at our Laraway Rd location)

please note: every attempt is made to keep prices on these pages current,- sometimes there may be errors;

 please call office to verify rates and availability!