2660 Cherry Hill Rd, New Lenox 60433

A1 Will County Self Storage

Safe & Secure Self Storage value: individual units plus RV & car or boat storage 

What you need to look for in a storage facility

There are many things to look for when beginning your quest for a safe and secure self storage unit. 

Here are the TOP 5:

#1 Guaranteed Rates: Here at A1 Will County Self Storage, your move in rate on a self storage unit is guaranteed for at least your first 2 years.  Even on month to month rentals!  No dollar move in gimmicks, no 1st and 3rd month free nonsense. You may notice that many of our competitors don't even post or publicize their rates.  What will your rate be in 6 months or a year?  Many self storage facilities (especially the national chains) have adopted the 'airline model' of pricing.  That means your rate could be adjusted (usually up!) every or any given month.  If the facility is 'running out ' of a given size, all tenants of that size will get a rate increase notice. On a month to month rental, there is no way to protect yourself from this, except with a written guarantee at move in time. Don't be fooled.  Many tenants expect to need storage space for only a short time, however we find that most tenants will be in storage for a little longer than they expect. If the rate is ridiculously low, or sounds too good to be true, there must be a reason. Get your rate guaranteed in writing!

#2 Owner Management: We have been locally owned and managed for over 26 years.  An owner is on site (at least) 6 days a week. Our stability adds tremendously to YOUR SECURITY.   As an owner, we have a serious interest and investment in providing you a safe and secure storage environment. Facility access is restricted to tenants.  We know our patrons. We regularly patrol the grounds and challenge strangers.  We pride ourselves on maintaining one of the safest and most secure facilities in the area.  That means we have 24 hour digital video surveillance, a controlled front gate (every tenant has their own unique access code) and the whole facility is enclosed by an 8 foot high fence. Late night or overnight access is restricted. Many large chains have constant employee turnover. Many of these employees are poorly paid and under appreciated.  Odds are that at a chain facility, you will have a 'new' facility manger several times a year.  This is NOT GOOD for YOUR SECURITY!  Those transient employees aren't concerned with the safety of YOUR possessions!
This includes access to your private data, like:  credit card information, social security numbers, personal information, emails and the like.

#3 Location: We are located in a very private and secure location, just behind the Will County Sheriff, in unincorporated Joliet, in New Lenox Township.  Although we are very accessible to many major roads and highways,  (just minutes from: I-80, RT53, RT52, Laraway Rd, or I-355) We are admittedly 'off the beaten path'.  This is again very good for your security.   Many tenants have mentioned being impressed by the size and scope of our facility, as only a portion of the facility is visible from the street.  Many other tenants have told us they have driven by for years and never even knew we were here!  This is tremendously beneficial for your security as we do not present a 'tempting target' for thieves.

#4 Service and Amenities: Our buildings are clean and well maintained. We use a licensed exterminator every month. Whereas most facilities charge for dolly or pallet rentals, we offer free loaner moving dolly's and carts.  We can provide pallets for your unit--free of charge, (because you never want cardboard boxes on concrete floors.)
Our facility features paved double width drives.  (Paved sites are better than gravel drives to keep your rental unit and your goods clean.)  Extra wide drives means that you will have easy access to your unit with even the biggest of moving trucks.  Our office is open 6 days a week, and also by appointment.  Our personal service is unsurpassed. We also carry a full line of professional moving boxes and supplies to help your move.

#5 Secure Online Access:  We continually invest in our data security.  Our secure payment website is Visa  approved and hosted by Network Solutions.  You will have secure account access, allowing you make payments, check account status or update contact information or mailing addresses all from the comfort of your home.  Complimentary email invoicing is also available for all accounts.